New Virtual Reality interior advice. 

We offer you a Virtual Reality interior advice. For example, you can experience the interior of the holiday home in 3D before we carried out the restyling.
This has advantages for individuals and for the business market.

With this development it is possible to walk through your holiday home as if the restyling has already been carried out. So you can see in advance what Holiday Home Restyling can do with the space with regard to the colour, furniture and the atmosphere
With the Virtual Reality glasses you see the images directly because the glasses completely encircle the eyes.
It is 3-dimensional (3D), interactive and 360 degrees.

It is also possible to view the interior visuals online in advance, completely in 360 degrees, without a Virtual Reality glasses.
As below in low resolution, but also available as high resolution *.
* These 360 degree images may be more limited in some outdated browsers.

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We are happy to show you the extensive possibilities. Please contact us.