Various studies have shown that homes enhanced by stylists are sold or rented faster. For example, 70 pct of homes that had been on the market for more than 18 months were sold within 3 months after a restyling, selling at a 15 pct higher price than non-styled homes.

Maintenance / renovation / painting

As professionals in sales styling, Holiday Home Restyling can also take a great deal of work off your hands, such as wall finishing, floor finishing and painting, and the final delivery of the home.
This gives you the assurance that there is little you need to do yourself.

Just contact us. We have all these services under one roof and a single point of contact. So short lines, clear agreements and quick results.


Nothing is more decisive for prospective buyers or tenants than the first impression of a home. Recent research shows that 90 pct of interested parties decide within a minute whether they are really considering buying or renting the property. So it is vital that your home is presented as advantageous as possible. Make sure your home stands out.

The Garden

A neat appearance of the garden is essential for a favourable first impression of a property. Therefore this aspect requires your care and attention.

Holiday Home Restyling provides help you with all related work, such as swimmingpool cleaning, improving or redesigning your garden.